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If you wish to favourite/ bookmark or post links to any of my app's, please use this page rather than the actual app page to ensure links are valid and point to latest versions.


You can report bugs, give feedback, request features/ flickr apps in my new group Louise's Flickr Apps


Jump to Quick View Links - Adds view Large/ Original links to descriptions

Jump to Code Paster - Enter group codes quickly and easily

Jump to View On Black - Paste Codes to add links to pics on a black background

Jump to Random Photo - Add a 'Best of the best' random image display to your group.









Quick View Links

Flickr Quick View Link Creator


************************* LATEST UPDATE *************************

Version 1.2

Fixed limitation on number of photos in a set. Should now work with any number but be prepared for a wait if you have hundreds

Changed Set selection, you can now select multiple sets for Linking

Internet Exploder 7 bug preventing link creation has been fixed

Annoying PHP5 round() bug fixed, now works if only one photo in set. This bug may have also caused other problems with large numbers of photos

************************* KNOWN ISSUES *************************

Large size link will fail if uploaded original size is less than or equal to 1280 pixels on long side. In this case link to original size only.

Not tested for large size on Free Accounts, may or may not work with large size


Privacy Policy For Flickr Quick Links

Flickr quick links requires authorisation with write permission via the flickr API.

  1. This application is not affiliated or associated in any way with Flickr® or Yahoo®. It is a 3rd party application which uses the flickr API to access and modify information in your flickr account.
  2. The program does not collect, save, forward or otherwise transfer any information about its usage, or any images or other data you authorise it to access to either myself or any 3rd party.
  3. When you authorise the application you grant the application read/ write permission which includes access to your private content. This application does not in any way save or allow any 3rd party access to any of your information including any private images you may have other than that mentioned in (5) below.
  4. This application itself does not access or display any images from your flickr account, it only reads and modifies the photo descriptions for the sole purpose of adding/ removing links to either the large/ original photo page or the large/ original image directly.
  5. By adding links to the large/ original images (Everyone option selected) you are bypassing flickr's security and granting direct access to those images to anyone who views your photo page, both logged in flickr users and non flickr members browsing the site. By adding links with the 'Everyone option' set you are accepting that those images and sizes will be viewable and downloadable by the general public and accept sole responsibility for any breach of copyright by any 3rd party using those links to access your content.
  6. If you wish to remove the links from your content, you can run the application and select 'Ignore the other options..' option which will remove the links from all the photo sets selected. The application WILL NOT remove any links that have been deliberately or accidentally edited or modified in any way. If you wish to ensure that all the links have been removed then you must check every photo description, I accept no responsibility for any links which are not automatically removed by the program, it is your responsibility to ensure all the links have been successfully removed.
  7. The application is provided 'as is' without any guarantee or warranty as to its performance or suitability. You use it at your own risk and I accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any information, photos, or other data. Although the application will perform the link generation/ removal on your entire photo stream, I would advise that you use it on smaller sets of photos until you are confident it performs as described.



The Flickr Quick Links has been vastly improved!

  • You can now choose to link photos in Large and/ or Original
  • You can now choose to share specific pictures in large/ original sizes to unauthorized (not logged in) users
  • You can now choose where the links appear, top or bottom of description
  • You can now choose if the links open in the same window/ tab or a new window/ tab
  • You can now remove the links from a set of photos

Do you want to just allow people to view selected images in large and/or original sizes?

With Quick View Links you can get round Flickr's inability to do this, you can set your entire stream to no downloads and all rights reserved, then grant access to selected photos by including quick links on them. It only takes a minute to do, and you can remove the links later if you wish to revoke access.

Want to make it easy for someone to view your Large and/ or original pictures?

Then this is the app for you. It will scan the photos in a photo set and add links to view the larger sizes making it very easy for your viewers to access them.

Want to be able to show Large and keep original secret?

No problem, disable downloads in your account, set your pics to all rights reserved, add quick links to the pictures you want people to be able to view in large and/ or original sizes.

All the options you could need are there for you, position of the links, who can view them, where they can view them...

All I ask in return is you let me know if you find it useful, and maybe a few hits on my photo stream ;)


Ok, how do you use it..

It's a mind bogglingly complex procedure - that was an attempt at sarcasm and means any fool can use it ;) but if you have nothing better to do you can read on:

When you click the link at the foot of this section it will redirect to flickr's authentication page where you will need to allow my app to access your photo stream. You will only need to do this once ;) Neither I nor the program ever get to see your login details, so it is perfectly safe for you to authorize it, and if you change your mind you can remove the authorization at any time via your account page.

My app does not download any of your photos, does not do anything with your photo stream except what it says it does here, and presents NO security risk to your Flickr account ;)

Ok, so I grant permission then what?

Once you authorize it, you will be presented with a page listing all your photo sets with a check box next to each one, you just select the the set or sets you wish to add links to.

If you want to just add the links to selected pictures that's no problem - Before using Quick Links just create a temporary photo set in organize, drag the pics you want to share large and/ or original into it and save the set, then come back and use Quick links to add links to that set. Once the links are added you can delete the temporary set again without affecting the links added :)

OK, I have my photos in a set and ticked the check box, what's the options at the bottom?

Where do you want the links positioned in the description?

This determines where the links will appear in your photos description, at the top or at the bottom. The existing description will not be deleted, the links will just be added into the description.

Who do you want to be able to see the pics?

This will determine who can view the pictures via the links. Authorized means only people who would be able to see them normally on flickr, so if you have downloads disabled and all rights reserved then its just you. This option just links to the flickr photo page and will therefore ask people to log into flickr to determine if they can view or not.

Everyone means just that, everyone will be able to view the picture in the size you link to, that includes people who are not even logged into flickr. These links will link directly to the image file hosted on Flickr and therefore no checking of authorization takes place

Which links do you want?

This option lets you set which sizes are to be shown, Large, Original or both, I don't think you need any further explanation of that :)

How do you want the pictures to be viewed?

Your choices are Same window/ tab or New window/ tab. If you select New window each link will open in the same new window (or at least they do in FF) so clicking another link will replace the photo with the next photo - in other words it won't just keep opening new windows every time a link is clicked, just one.

Ignore the other options and just delete the links in this set?

If you want to remove the links for some reason this tick box will do the trick, all the other options are ignored - except the set(s) selected. This allows you to remove the links from photos, it will not delete the description just the links this app created.

And that's it, hit the big button marked 'Add/Remove Quick Links' and Bobs your fathers brother.

After a short delay you will get a message telling you the pics have been updated and your done, go back into Flickr and marvel at the power of the API.

Please note.. If you run the app on a set which already has the links added, it will automatically remove the links and replace them with the latest settings, no need to remove the links to change them for another configuration :)

If you use the links that allow 'ANYONE' to access them, changing the picture (rotating, replacing etc) will break the link and break this apps ability to automatically remove them, you will have to remove the link manually and then add it again from this app. If you plan to replace/ edit a number of photos it would probably be wise to use this app to delete the links BEFORE you edit/ replace ;)

Hopefully I will get round to jazzing up the interface and making it look a bit more appealing, although it won't make a blind bit of difference to what it does, so its not really a high priority.

If you have any problems with it, or suggestions, or ideas for other flickr utilities (Group tagging is next on the agenda I think) get in touch with me on my flickr page If you assist me by providing feedback and/ or bug reports etc I will give credit and a link to your stream here.



Many thanks to:

The following people have been kind enough to assist me in the development of this app..

Mick 0 for his assistance in testing the application and bug reports :)

Hugh Beauchamp for his assistance in testing and typo spotting :)

Lars Daniel for finding IE7 bug and assisting with its extermination :)

Flickr Quick View Link Creator




Code Paster

Open Code Paster Page Now


************************* LATEST UPDATE *************************

New release V1.0

************************* KNOWN ISSUES *************************

No known issues at this time


Are you sick of having to copy the group code and then paste it into comments every time you want to award, comment, or invite a photo to the group?

With 'Code Paster' you can eliminate all that copy and paste stuff and insert your group codes with a single click of your mouse. It does not require you to install anything on your computer, does not require any browser plugins or extensions, and works with all (I think) modern browsers.

So How does this work then, it sounds too good to be true?

Its quite simple, this app creates a bookmarklet to insert your group code. A bookmarklet is like a normal bookmark/ favourite, but instead of opening a new page in your browser it runs a small javascript program which in this case inserts your group code into the comments.

OK, sounds good, what do I need to do to try it out?

It's really quite simple, first go to your group and copy the code as usual.

Then visit my app page and paste the code into the big box. Or, if you wish to create your own comment code, you can type it directly into the box and make your own personal code. For a simple example you could enter something like:

<b>My Username</b>
Would like to thank you for sharing this great picture :)

Please feel free to check out <a href="my-foto-stream-address">My Photo stream</a>

Type a name in the other box to name your bookmarklet (eg. my-group-invite)

Hit the button and the app will display a link which is your bookmarklet

Internet exploder users should then right click that link and select add to favourites, and for easy one click use add to links toolbar.

Fire Fox users can just drag the link and drop it on the bookmarks toolbar (if you don't see the bookmarks toolbar go to view menu - toolbars - bookmarks toolbar) You can even create a folder in the toolbar to put all your group codes ;)

Then to insert your group code in future all you need to do is go to the photo page comments box and either click the bookmarklet on the bookmarks/ links toolbar or select it from the bookmarks/ favourites list of your browser. Now isn't that easy :)


Click this link to get started ;)

Code Paster Page




View On Black

************************* LATEST UPDATE *************************

5th Feb 09 02:00 - Fixed issue with API callback script stopping links working.

************************** KNOWN ISSUES *************************

Links do not work if clicked in photostream not photo page. Only workaround is
to put the links in a photo comment not the description. I will release a web app to
add the links to sets of photos that will overcome this limitation soon.


If you want to include links in your photo comments to show the medium, large, or original size picture on a nice black background just copy and paste one or more of the following codes into your comments.

Although you can paste the links into the description, the link will fail if clicked while viewing your steam rather than clicked when viewing your photo page, putting the link in the photo comments prevents this happening.

Note: The original size will revert to large size if you have disabled downloads and set to all rights reserved, basically if flickr members can't normally see original, they still won't be able to.

If you really want the ultimate in ease of use, you can use the 'One Click Group Code' generator listed on this page to create bookmarklet's for these VOB links. Once you have added the bookmarklet, just click it when viewing a photopage and the link will be pasted into the new comment box ;)

Note: If you use the bookmarklet to paste the code, it will be pasted at the END of the text no matter where the cursor is.

Here are the codes...

Copy everything between the lines ;)


View medium on black

<b><a href="http://www.urspark.com/vob.php">View Medium On Black</a> <a href="http://www.urspark.com/lousapps.html">?</a></b>


View large on black

<b><a href="http://www.urspark.com/vob.php?s=1">View Large On Black</a> <a href="http://www.urspark.com/lousapps.html">?</a></b>


View original on black

<b><a href="http://www.urspark.com/vob.php?s=2">View Original On Black</a> <a href="http://www.urspark.com/lousapps.html">?</a></b>




Random Image

RandomPic Page

************************* LATEST UPDATE *************************

12th Feb 2009
First Released to Flickr community

13th Feb 2009
Added adjustable cycle time from 10 to 600 seconds.
Added sizes (thumbnail, square, small, medium)
Changed to allow no tag - displays all pics in group.
Changed group code, you now just paste the full group url instead.
Now puts correct Group Name into the code.
Now puts time in code correctly (eg 1m 30s)

14th Feb 2009
Added code for picture only (to make your own multi pic codes)
Now lets you put multiple codes on a page (eg random pic AND best in group)
Fixed a bug which gave broken image link sometimes
Made images true random instead of based on the time

15th Feb 2009
Fixed a bug which gave missing photos
Made the pictures true random instead of time based
Added MYSQL query caching to speed it up for multiple picture use
Now makes a custom size 'Badge' of linked thumbnails up to 5 x 5

16th Feb 2009
Fixed bug where private photo was displayed as a broken image, now ignores private photos



If you want a random group picture on the front page of your group then you can use this quick code generator.

All the photo and thumbnails included in the codes are linked back to the photopages so your viewers can click them to view larger sizes or add comments.

You can edit the codes once created to suit your own group, but any code you make or edit MUST include the link back to my page so other people can find it. If I find it being used without the link back to this page your group will be banned permanently.

It makes a "Badge" of thumbnails which are linked to the photopages up to 5 x 5 thumbs.

It also shows a code that just displays the picture if you wish to make your own code with more than one picture NOTE: You MUST include a link back to my page if you use this.

If you tag the images that are especially good with something like 'AdminsChoice' and include this tag in the code then your group front page will display a random picture from the ones you have tagged each time it is viewed. This would give you a "Best In The Group" code.

If you don't include a tag it will make a "Random Photos" code.

The image will change after the time you set, so if you set the time to 600 seconds you will get a new image when the page is reloaded after 10 minutes.

The codes that are output by this program can be quite lengthy if you select a 5 x 5 badge, be prepared to scroll a long way to see all of them ;)

NOTE: You cannot use this code as a group award code, more info on this given on the apps' page. If you want to use more than one code on a page you MUST generate each code (or picture code) separately otherwise they will all link to one photopage.

Please note, there is no check for valid group URL or tag, so make sure they are correct otherwise the code will not work. the tag should NOT include spaces or punctuation.

Click this link to get started ;)